what was the last cd you bought?

Posted by: AL4N on 13 March 2004

after a suggestion,i have split up the old topic into this one and what was your last vinyl purchase.I hope it makes life easier.
so to get things off and running
queen--the highlander sound track
Posted on: 13 March 2004 by MichaelC
Propaganda - Wishful Thinking
Gong - From Here to Eternitea

Posted on: 14 March 2004 by andy c
LOL. You could do purchases of the month for each, er, month.
Diana Krall - a night in paris
Joss Stone - soul sessions (Is it right that according to the sleeve notes some of these tracks were recorded in a day?)
Posted on: 14 March 2004 by garyi
James Lavelle, Romania 026.

Its good.
Posted on: 14 March 2004 by redeye
1972..Josh Rouse
Universal Hall..Waterboys
Transfiguration of Vincent..M Ward

3 outta 3 all good Smile

Posted on: 14 March 2004 by kj burrell
Tomasz Stanko Quintet, Suspended Night. Lovely chamber jazz. A lot of the reviews have it pegged as similar to Kind of Blue, but it's more comtemorary than that. Some of it feels like a close relative to EST and the trumpet has a Kenny wheeler like tone - must be the ECM studio effect.
Posted on: 14 March 2004 by andy c
James Lavelle, Romania 026.

Hi garyi,
re your comment - could you elaborate - i usually buy the GU sets blind, but am happy to take advice...

andy c!
Posted on: 15 March 2004 by JYOW
Bought 2 DG SACDs yesterday:

Helene Grimaud - Credo (Excellent and different,variety of music including the Arvo Part debut)

Mischa Maisky/Zubin Mehta, Berlin Philharmonic DVORÁK Cello Concerto, Strauss, Don Quixote. )(Live recording, did not sound special on first listen)
Posted on: 15 March 2004 by andy c
ta for taking the time to reply..
The GU25 set (deep dish) was brilliant - how would you compare the James lavelle set to this (I know you have the gu25 set)?

questions questions??
Posted on: 15 March 2004 by andy c
Cheers for the update ag,

Just took delivery of George Michael - Patience. pleasantly surprised.... Eek
Posted on: 15 March 2004 by BigH47
CDs via E-Bay:-

Color Rit Lee Ritenour
Fourplay4 Fourplay
Under the Pink Tori Amos

Posted on: 15 March 2004 by adamk
Elend : Winds Devouring Men

Classical, ambient, gothic, metal ?
Posted on: 17 March 2004 by BigH47
2 more via E-bay:-
Back in Black AC/DC (remastered on ATCO label)
Sheet Music 10 C.C.

Howard Big Grin
Posted on: 17 March 2004 by domfjbrown
Originally posted by BigH47:
Under the Pink Tori Amos

This is amazing on pink vinyl Smile Have you figured out what "Icicle" is about yet?? I love "Yes Anastacia" too...

My last CD was Talkie Walkie by Air, but since it's actually NOT a CD (it won't play in this computer for a start) I'd have to say that Minus' "Haldor Laxness" was the last PROPER CD (rather than Corrupt Data) I bought...

Make your choice, adventurous Stranger;
Strike the bell and bide the danger
Or wonder, till it drives you mad,
What would have followed if you had.

Posted on: 17 March 2004 by Sir Crispin Cupcake
Joss Stone - Soul Sessions

Can't stop playing it!

Posted on: 17 March 2004 by Not For Me
Kraftwerk - Aerodynamik


OTD - Pants & Corest - Malice in Wonderloand
Posted on: 18 March 2004 by Paul Downs
Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope

Have been wanting this for years on CD but never seen it in stock.

Brilliant, well if you like this kind of album.

Posted on: 18 March 2004 by Rasher
Big Grin
Maybe he is a civil servant!
Posted on: 18 March 2004 by Not For Me
Nick / Rasher,

I am saving myself for the weekend trip into London!

(A happy DS, seeing that I have won an EBay auction for a record I have after for 5 years, Koenig Cylinders 2!!)

Perhaps there woould be 30,000 record shop assistants out of a job if we all shopped non-virtual shopping?


OTD - Decomposed Subsonic - Live In Barcelona
Posted on: 19 March 2004 by andy c
Foo Foo & the boy - H2C (following a very kind borrow from james at Cymbiosis - ta James!)

This is on the Naim label and really rather good - I only played the borrowed one once then ordered it!

also on order - Voodoo child - baby monkey (AKA Moby)

andy c!
Posted on: 19 March 2004 by JonR
The following:-

Fairport Convention - 'What We Did On Our Holidays'
Fairport Convention - 'Liege & Lief'
Fairport Convention - 'Fairport Convention'
No Doubt - New compilation
Husker Du - 'Candy Apple Grey'


Posted on: 20 March 2004 by kj burrell
Cinematic Orchestra: Everyday
Cat Power: You are Free

Both is a pretty decent sale at the soul-less Amazon. A lot of Ninja Tunes stuff for 6.99 a go: don't often see that sort of thing in sales. I don't ever feel I've had the whole experience when getting cds on line, but these were good prices.

Posted on: 20 March 2004 by andy c
whats the cinematic orchestra cd like?

ta for any reply...

andy c!
Posted on: 20 March 2004 by Not For Me
Today's CDs :

Various Artists: Made in Frankfurt
[Label complilation with Roger Devlin, Warpphunk, Major North]

Various Artists: Made in Frankfurt 2
[Label complilation with Roger Devlin, Til & Ron, Major North]

Supplied by Total Recall in the Netherlands, who offer a good good service for E-Buying.


OTD - DK8 - Murder was the Bass
Posted on: 20 March 2004 by JeremyB
Did anyone give up buying music for lent?

Not me! After several weeks absence, back to CD Warehouse in Sunnyvale - I love that place.

Rush In Rio live
- not crazy about live albums but I swear the 60,000 crowd sing every word!
Boz Scaggs Dig
- Heard King of El Paso track on the Bob Harris show on a UK stop-over back to the US last week and had to buy it
Boz Scaggs Come on home
Lori Lieberman A thousand dreams
Carina Round The disconnection

Posted on: 20 March 2004 by Haroon
I went mad on the GU sale at HMV today got:

Tony De Vit - Tokyo: just finished the first disc, it a guddun!
John Digweed - Sydney
Dave Seaman - Cape Town
Deep Dish - Moscow
Dave Seaman - Melbourne
James Lavelle - Barcelona