What DVD have you just watched?

Posted by: u5227470736789439 on 27 November 2005

Just about to watch the secong half of 'The Odessa File.'

All the best from Fredrik
Posted on: 27 November 2005 by Two-Sheds
wathced Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade last night.
Posted on: 27 November 2005 by enw
Master and Commander last Sunday
Posted on: 27 November 2005 by Stuart M
Buuba Ho-Tep

Bubba Ho-tep tells the “true” story of what really did become of Elvis. We find the King(Bruce Campbell) as an elderly resident in an East Texas rest home, who switched identities with an Elvis impersonator years before his “death”, then missed his chance to switch back. Elvis teams up with Jack(Ossie Davis), a (black) fellow nursing home resident who thinks that he is actually President John F. Kennedy, and the two valiant old codgers sally forth
to battle an evil Egyptian entity who has chosen their long-term care facility
as his happy hunting grounds…
Posted on: 28 November 2005 by Frank Abela
Batman Begins

Oh yeah baby, what a movie!
Posted on: 28 November 2005 by Nick Riley
'Batman Begins'...Good Movie, enhanced thru my system!

Posted on: 28 November 2005 by Two-Sheds
I saw Bubba Ho-Tep as well some time ago and would definitely recommend it and I'm thinking of buying the DVD myself.
Posted on: 28 November 2005 by Allan Probin
For a couple of years now, and following too many disappointments with sound and image quality, I've felt that my home cinema setup was better than any of the local cinemas so just don't go to the cinema any more. So last night I watched Start Wars Episode III for the first time.

For blistering eye-candy, oof, that 15 minute opener certainly hits the spot.

Posted on: 28 November 2005 by Bob McC
Gordon Ramsay Cooks Christmas - free in the Sunday Times.
Bloody awful recipes.
Posted on: 28 November 2005 by Martin D
Really? I was taken with the goose, but have never cooked one myself.
Posted on: 28 November 2005 by BigH47
Finally finished LOTR extended box set and most of the extras. Ended up with a replacement from Amazon as disk 1 of Two Towers was cracked and scratched even though the set seemed to be in its original cellaphane wrappings.

Posted on: 29 November 2005 by Chumpy
All of available Aardman product. I am always surprised how much I enjoy my favourites the Indy films when I watch them yearly.

I went through all of the LOTR 'Special Extended' blah blah extras in straight 14 hors or so, and somehow have watched the films DVDs twice at insistance of family. I do not think I shall watch them again, as I like Tolkien version better.

Yesterday family compelled me to watch potentially cheesey G4 DVD, and they surprisingly enjoyed it.

Today with a bit of luck my Kaiser Chiefs 'Enjoyment' should arrive.

I am looking forward to DVD of Potter 4, which I thought was a really good film/much better than Rowling's 636 pages.
Posted on: 29 November 2005 by Guido Fawkes
Oh Mr Porter - Will Hay et al.

They don't make films like that anymore.
Posted on: 29 November 2005 by Frank Abela
Chumpy, what's G4? And did you enjoy it?

As to LOTR, I have the extended editions - only watched once. Too long...and the Two towers is a travesty.
Posted on: 29 November 2005 by chfs911
24 Season 4 - Relaxing entertainment just before bed!

Great action.
Posted on: 29 November 2005 by Bob McC
carrots in orange juice? Yuk!
Posted on: 01 December 2005 by Chumpy
G4 is a potentially cheesey foursome of male classically trained singers who finished thankfully only 2nd in naff UK 'X Factor' show last year.

This year they have released 2 album CDs/DVD etc with some nice singing of Classical & Pop tunes, as well as some not so nice material.
Posted on: 01 December 2005 by Blueknowz
March of the Penguins ,Just Buy It!
Posted on: 02 December 2005 by Frank Abela
Ah! Thanks Chumpy!
Posted on: 02 December 2005 by Jagdeep
Chocolate Factory
10 Yards
Nightmare b4 Christmas

WillyWonka was brilliant
Posted on: 02 December 2005 by u5227470736789439
Italian Job. (1969) So funny! Fredrik
Posted on: 03 December 2005 by Nime
War of the Worlds. (Hired)

The tension was quite well maintained right up to the weak but inevitable ending of what came across as a low-budget number.

Cruise has the ability to look constantly vulnerable without anybody actually caring what happens to him. At least they didn't set him up as an invulnerable, elite special-forces, action-man. (Not this week anyway)

Just another formula film I'm afraid with only a couple of memorable moments. Listen out for the infamous line: "Gee! They've been planning this invasion for a million years!" Yeah, right. Big Grin

Don't let me put you off. There are worse ways of spending a couple of hours indoors for a couple of quid. Watch it just to enjoy Cruise rushing forwards to stare up at yet another, wierd (Close Encounters/Independance Day/etc) storm in the sky with the flyover completely blocking his view! Smile
Posted on: 03 December 2005 by JeremyD
Haibane Renmei (Vol. 1). An anime with potential - how much remains to be seen, since the first four episodes seem to be simply setting up the story and the characters...

Last Exile (Vol 2) So far, it's an interesting anime series, which takes several not particularly original elements and somehow combines them into something unique. Good characterisation, atmosperic animation, sound and music, and unforced plot development all help...
Posted on: 06 December 2005 by rgame666
Devil's Rejects (unrated DVD)

Bloody excellent
Posted on: 13 December 2005 by Phil Cork
Peter Gabriel - Growing up live.

Great concert with a very well recorded soundtrack, although this is playing through a modest Denon DVD player connected to my 102 via a 5m phono extension...
Posted on: 13 December 2005 by Squarepusher
Sopranos series 5 disc 4

It gets better & better

Can't wait for the final series