Naim and Proac

Posted by: JosephR on 06 August 2000

Hi, want some views on those who are using Naim and Proac speakers ... Any insights on quality of matchup ?
Posted on: 06 August 2000 by Greg Beatty
Hi! I use Proac Response 2's (original model) with a 72/hicap/140. Not bad. The dealer I bought them from sold lots of Nait/Signature Tablette combos and really liked Proac with Naim for customers who didn't get along with Naim speakers.

In retrospect, I wish I had bought the beech SBLs that he had :-( as the ProAcs really need room away from walls to sing their best and that is difficult in my room.

Other folks on the forum have written that they find ProAcs a tad clinical and sterile with Naim, so maybe they will chime in w/more details.

- GregB

Posted on: 06 August 2000 by Bob Edwards

Naim and ProAc can work very well together--although it is important to make sure you don't ask a 140 to drive something like the 2.5s. I ran 2.5s off a 32.5/hicap/250 for 3 years and enjoyed it thoroughly. The 2.5s, in particular, seem to need at least a 250, a large room, and considerable space from the back wall if they are not to sound too boomy or bassy.

If you post more particulars I am sure others can advise you more fully.



Posted on: 07 August 2000 by bob atherton
I have a friend who runs 62, Hicap, 250 with Tablette Mk 1's to good effect. He does also use a REL Stadium to augment the
bass, although IMHO it upsets the timing. I found the Tablettes to be a bit like round earth Linn Kans.


Posted on: 07 August 2000 by JosephR
In deference to Vuk, I've changed my user name to JosephR from naimuser ...

Thanks to all replies, majority believing that Proacs work well with Naim. I will be using Naim 135s, thinking of Naim preamp still, with the Proac Response 3. My current system is as fast as the Naim, but I just love the Naim clarity.

Posted on: 07 August 2000 by Greg Beatty
"I found the Tablettes to be a bit like round earth Linn Kans."

Was written above, and I agree. I chose response 2's for their combination of flat and round earth virtues. Seemed like the perfect "oval earth" speaker. They are quite good - I may part with them, I may not. It's just that nagging wall issue, and the 2's look dreadful with the grilles off.

Also above, someone mentioned switching from tablettes to R1 SC's. Yup - the 1SC is rather inefficient. I had tab sigs, 1SC's, and the 2's for home demo. The tab sigs were most efficient, followed by the 2's, then the 1SC's. The 2's offer enough bass to satisfy (me) and resist compressing until the knob is turned a good bit higher. The 1SC definitely (IMHO) needs more than a Nait3 to sing. Even a 140 is light for these…

- GregB

- GregB

Posted on: 07 August 2000 by Chris Metcalfe
..except Ross Blackman, apparently.