Posted by: Kevin Hughes on 31 July 2000

A reminder about not everyone in the world being nice and honest.

On the old forum a thread was started similar to the systems anaylsis where we were asked to identify where we lived. It was pointed out that if a criminal element wanted to work out where people with expensive tastes lived, and when they were at work it would be quite easy.

I bring this up as I have noticed some people putting in quite specific info in the member profiles about where they live, along with there full name.

You can make your own judjment about human nature but mine just says "UK".


Posted on: 31 July 2000 by Kevin Hughes
The member profiles are about the only thing I realy like in the new forum so far. It would be nice to see us all make good use of them, I am only urging a little caution.


Posted on: 31 July 2000 by Jonathan Gorse

Thanks for pointing out the risks of too much specific info - I have amended my profile accordingly.



Posted on: 02 August 2000 by John Channing
Yeah, I think you are being excessively paranoid if you believe that someone is going to use the conference as a means for deciding where to go burgling. I think the point was originally raised by Tony Lonorgan, but it is obviously more of a worry for someone who lives in Liverpool.
Posted on: 02 August 2000 by Tony L

Please edit the above post as you have just broadcast the information that we are all now removing from our profiles.