Lavender SNAIC for my CDX

Posted by: Mike Hanson on 11 August 2000

I ordered the latest interconnect to go between my CDX and 82. I was under the impression that it was black with a tinge of lavender. However, the cable that arrived was gray. It was lighter than my existing gray SNAIC5 at the office. (I've not been home to compare it to the existing cable on the CDX.) I suppose I could convince myself that there's a bit of lavender in there too, but it's virtually subliminal.

Have I got the right cable, or is there another one out there? I know this question was covered in depth on the old forum, but I can't search for that anymore, can I? Thanks in advance for any info.

BTW, I also got two black SNAIC5's to go between my 82 and the Hi-Caps. I just tried one between my 32.5 and SNAPS2 at work, and the difference was clearly and immediately evident: The sound was less edgy, smoother and more cohesive; everything flowed better, with less "jangle". I can't wait to get them home. Catch you later!

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Posted on: 11 August 2000 by Rico
Basically, it's pretty grey. Has a slight tinge of "lavender"... but it's still grey. Like all cats in the dark, etc...

Re the black SNAICs, congrats - it's worthwhile, eh?

Now try the new NACA5 - you should be more than a little surprised.

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Posted on: 11 August 2000 by Andy S

IIRC, the lavender cable wasn't much different to the grey cable (in sound terms). The big upgrade is the black SNAIC.

Evidently, Naim have improved the power supply part of the cable and since the CDX->82 interconnect doesn't carry power, there isn't much improvment in the lavender cabling.


Posted on: 11 August 2000 by Mike Hanson
I'll give it a listen at home, and decide whether it's worth the cost. I'm also about to get a Cambridge CD6 here at work, and it has balanced outputs. Hence, I could convert the old home interconnect to use the appropriate output connect on the CD6. (That's assuming that the CD6 is better than the D500; I purchased the CD6 sight unseen, but I have a friend who's willing to purchase whichever one I don't want.)

BTW, I forgot to mention that I also got an extra puck, just in case my other one goes missing someday. I'm probably just being paranoid, but the small cost is worth it for the peace of mind. Catch you later!

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Posted on: 12 August 2000 by Mike Hanson
I appreciate the extra info. I haven't had a chance to install the cables at home yet, so I'm still chomping at the bit. Catch you later!

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