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Posted by: Andrew L. Weekes on 17 August 2000

I mentioned in another thread I'd managed to find all of the XTC 'Apple Venus' albums on vinyl, and 'Volume 1' and 'Homespun' arrived yesterday.

I won't rave about albums that have already been appraised extensively, but 'Homespun' is well worth a look if you don't have it (and liked Vol.1).

It's the home demo tapes produced by Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding for the songs on the Apple Venus vol.1 studio album. It features comprehensive liner notes, written by the songs authors, giving a very useful insight into the developement of the songs.

Sound quality is also excellent (I've got to return vol.1 as it sounds like someone was frying eggs at the time it was cut!). Many of the tracks have a more dynamic, direct feel to them, particularly on those with simpler instrumentation. 'I'd like that' works superbly in this form, and the self-flaggelation of body percussion is more obvious than in the studio mix.

'Dictionary' also works very well in this format, and is rapidly becoming my favourite track. To think that this track might never have seen the light of day if Andy Partridge had had his own way is a disturbing thought.

Stunning albums - I can't wait for vol.2 to be delivered.


Andrew L. Weekes

Posted on: 19 August 2000 by Andrew L. Weekes
Hi Garry,

To my utter amazement, I bought these albums online, from Boxman.com.

There appears to be different ways to access their site, and going in via www.boxman.com and clicking on the 'United Kingdom' link gave different results when, searching for XTC, than the route I took (which was via Cahoot).

You need to go in via this URL http://rpp.boxman.com/default.asp?shop=570 which is the same as clicking on the 'Other' link on the first Boxman page then type XTC in the artist search, scroll down and you will find Apple Venus vol.2 on double vinyl, along with vol.1 and 'Homespun'.

Good prices too (<10).


Andrew L. Weekes