Posted by: David Hobbs-Mallyon on 01 August 2000

I'll carry on with some questions from the old forum. Hopefully this will also help me on the road to promotion to member rather than junior member.

Current system is CDI/82/2xhicap/250/SBLs.
CDI and 82 sitting on a combination of pulsar points and Vuks nuts and balls.

I've been demoing a 52 recently. I was very impressed with the 52 demo, however, one concern was left in that the 52 seems to be so revealing that the system sounds a bit harsh at the top end (also true of my system above, but removed with the supercap). This is also true with the CDSII plugged in. Any ideas how to soften the top end? I only had the 52 for a couple of days, so maybe it would have resolved with further warm-up. The other option is to forget the 52 and go for 135s instead.

I'd be interested in anyones thoughts.


Posted on: 01 August 2000 by Nic Peeling
I had a fierceness problem with my system that included a 82 / 2*Hicap. I upgraded to a 52 and initially the fierceness was a bit worse, but after a week's warm up the fierceness problem was less bad than with the 82. Incidentally the problem was finally solved by putting two shelves supported by pulsar points under my CD transport.

Nic P

Posted on: 01 August 2000 by David Hobbs-Mallyon
Anyone know how you organise responses to a response.

Anyway - In response to Nic P. I also use pulsar points. The CDI/82/2xhicaps/250/sbls sounded a bit fierce at the top end, but this was resolved with a supercap. Hopefully your comment shows that I just didn't have the 52 for long enough for it to warm up sufficiently.

To Tom - The problem was still there with a CDSII though not quite as bad.

Anyone know what the effect of 135s would be on the system.


Posted on: 01 August 2000 by Andy S
Anyone know what the effects of 135s would be on the system.

When I upgraded CDS1/52/250/DBL -> CDS1/52/2x135/DBL the changes could be summed up as:

  • Less harshness on the treble
  • Bigger, fuller bass
  • Tighter bass

Note: you'll still need to upgrade the CDI at some time


Posted on: 02 August 2000 by Phil Barry
Not. The only CD players I've heard that aren't fierce are the CDS and the CDS II.

Personally, I listen to a lot of analog - 40% FM, 50% to LP. No fierceness.

Of course, my technical expertise is the mainframe computer (but I've switched to Win2000).