5 Hours - doing the shelving shuffle

Posted by: Steve Hall on 06 August 2000

I've been reading about the ol'hum issue and contemplating a slight system reshuffle. I have a Sound Organisation 5 shelf tower stand (z650?) and its loaded with (in shelf order):


As you can see my 180 and the HiCap live above one and other, and I have picked up from various publications and the old forum that the transformers can be conversing and causing the HiCap hum to get worse. I have had the HiCap looked at and had the transformer etc tightened but to no avail. It is silent in the dealers shop, but it is also situated away horizontaly from anything with a transformer in it.

The system is also on a dedicated spur.

So in 5 hours, I want to dismantle the Z650 and resposition the kit and the shelving to give me the best results.


Posted on: 09 August 2000 by Mike Hanson
Even with a separate spur, much of your hum is likely causes by noisy mains. That explains why your store doesn't have a problem. Using a different support may help a bit, but not a huge amount.

Also, your NAPSC should be as far away from the rest of your kit as possible. Catch you later!

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Posted on: 16 August 2000 by Steve Hall

Thanks for the comments, and I am beginning to put more kudos into your thinking. The NAPSC is half way across the room (or at least as far as the lead will allow it - doesnt it have a massively long lead for such a small box?).

I've temporarly moved my HiCap out of the rack to see what difference it makes, and it certainly makes some, but not a massive amount that I was hoping for.

Is there a rule of thumb that says keep this away from this, and its safe to put this close to this?

Currently I have my 3.5 on the top of the rack with about an 8" gap between that and the 102, HiCap and the space where the NAPSC was comes next (gap reduced to about 6") and the 180 at the bottom.

I have the flexibility to move the 180 shelf down about 8" and the space between the 102 and the 3.5 to move up.

I'd rather not look to having a more horizontaly oriented racking arrangement as that will hit my SBL fund, and its difficult enough keeping that away from the wife

Posted on: 16 August 2000 by Mike Hanson
In general, you want to keep things with big transformers away from things that have deal with low power signals. Therefore, I would suggest the following order, from the top: 3.5/102/Flat/Hi/180. If you don't have enough shelves, place the Hi-Cap on top of the Flat-Cap. Experiment with the Hi-Cap on the left, center or right, to see if it makes any difference with the buzz. Catch you later!

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