Cheap CD player / walkman pro

Posted by: Phil Sparks on 21 August 2000

My main source is vinyl (LP12 Aro,etc) but I've got a few CDs and a cheapo CD walkman. I know I really should get a CDX or CDS (1 or 2) but with only a handful of CDs I can't justfy more than a few hundred quid. Spotted a 2nd hand rega planet for 260 on loot and this would seem to fit the bill - looks a bit different to most of the boring black boxes too. Anybody know whether its any good. (I know it won't be as good as a CD3/3.5 or a 2nd hand CDI or CD2 or ... but once I start down that thought process I'll end up at a CDS, saving for a couple of years and having no CD player in the meantime!)

Second query - I recall that this was covered on the old forum but I can't remember what the answer was. I've got an old walkman pro that has been used in a couple of years - there seems to be quite a lot of background noise so I think it needs a service. Anybody got any recommendations for who I should get to look at it, I recall all the Naim guys have got them do they service them in house or get somebody else to do it?

Posted on: 21 August 2000 by Phil Sparks
thanx for the advice, thought about the CD3/CD3.5 but my thought process went something like ... hmm could get a 2nd hand CD3 for about 500, that's not too much (although I really have only got about 20-30 CDs), but I suppose I should try to get a 3.5 then look for a second hand Hi-Cap which would be really quite reasonable, hang on thats about 1k and for that I should be able to get a 2nd hand CDI or CD2. Well I suppose if I'm spending that kind of cash I'd better do it properly and ge either a CDX or 2nd hand CDS-1. At which point I'm budgeting for 2k with an additional 1600 for an upgrade to CDS2 in the near future. Think I'll start with the 250 rega!