Hopw to blow up a pair of speakers...

Posted by: Andy S on 19 August 2000


Just come back from a friends house (loads of beer and lots of loud music). Managed to blow his speakers - a pair of Roksan Ojans. He has a CDX/82/hi/250/Ojan system. Now he has one less bass driver... (product of listening at 2:00 on the volume dial!!).

What was impressive was that even at this volume, it was quieter than my DBLs at 11:00 on my 52...

Just thought you'd like to know.


Posted on: 19 August 2000 by Ron Toolsie
It appears that I am the self-appointed failure tester on DBL tweeters. To date I have blown one pair playing Roger Waters (Amused to Death... I wasn't), then suffered a single tweeter blow when a lightening storm took out one 135 (replaced BOTH as matched pairs de rigeur), and finally took out another single tweeter playing Dr. Hook. This I had replaced with the extra tweeter from my previous single tweeter fatality. To date the mid-drivers and the bass-drivers have held up under insane volume abuse. Which is more than I can say for the gaskets.

The daylight visible where there should be an airtight seal is all too apparent when one bows down to the monolith. If you can't orient the picture... the gap is to the right of the arrowhead :-)

Dum spiro audio
Dum audio vivo


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Posted on: 20 August 2000 by Andy S
So how loud is loud Ron?


Posted on: 20 August 2000 by Andrew Randle
Maybe, Mana is a 4 letter word.

In a presvious email I had to replace

"a ****** of a demo" with

"a b*gger of a demo"

Andrew (wondering if there is a secret swear counter as well?)

Andrew Randle
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