The Bliss - seriously chilled

Posted by: Graeme Cree on 29 August 2000


If you like some chilled sounds to relax to, I commend to you a CD called "For Real" by a Geneva based duo called The Bliss. I just discovered it and it's getting loadsa air time chez moi.

Angela Higney has a wonderfully haunting voice (and I'm not a big vocals fan) and Piero Calvi plays a wicked e-piano patch that seriously bites through the delightfully light and simple mix. Sax, guitar and drum players guest on various cuts. This kinda stuff is made for Naim gear.

What's it like ? Difficult to pigeon hole, but think Sade-lite brought up to date with some dance influence. No duff tracks - merely good and outstanding.

Not available in the shops as they say, so check out (or - not many better ways to spend $11.99.