AV2 - 282 hums and whistles

Posted by: Don the deep diver on 17 December 2004

My dealer and I are fighting to resolve an issue where the front left and right produces hums (50 - 100Hz?) and whistles (RF interference?) at almost the same volume as the signal.

Configuration for this is AV2, 282, Supercap.

We have tried 3 different cables between the AV2 and 282 with no difference.

Any experiences or suggestions?
Posted on: 17 December 2004 by Frank Abela

It's probably an earth loop. This isn't necessarily just down to the interconnect between the preamps. If you disconnect the interconnect between the preamps and the hum goes away, then the loop is likely to be caused by one of the sources connected to the AV2. Unplug each source once at a timeand the hum should go. Plug that source into a different socket and see whether the problem goes away.

Oh - and if the AV2 isn't plugged into the same 4-way block as the supercap, do that first.

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Posted on: 17 December 2004 by hannilein
Hi Don,
I had the same problem(try to find in the stereo forum).It was a kind of RF interference. So NAIM made a special cable for me (the interconnection btn 202 and AV2). When Your local dealer canīt help contact Your distributor or that cool guys from www.musicline.biz in Germany who helped me several times.
Greets Olaf
Posted on: 05 January 2005 by Don the deep diver
Thanks Olaf

My dealer contacted Naim and they made up a cable (with ballast?) that did the trick.

Have a good years listening. Smile