CD Cataloguing software

Posted by: calum scott on 05 September 2000

I'm looking for recommendations for software to catalogue my CD and record collection.

My collection isn't that vast but includes classical and rock so something which is flexible would be good.

As someone pointed out on another post recently it's worth having this if only for insurance purposes just in case the unthinkable happens.

Appreciate any help.


Posted on: 06 September 2000 by Nigel Cavendish
I use a simple excel spreadsheet - one on my pc at work and one on the pc at home. The chance of both places burning down simultaneously are pretty slim.



Posted on: 06 September 2000 by Rico
Stone the crows! if it's not the ghost of burger king! Welcome!

Rico - musichead

PS - does that get me an 'overuse of exclamations' sanppy?

Posted on: 06 September 2000 by ken c
hi calum,

i use ms access. its fun to use sql to search the database after the hard work of setting it all up in the first place.

enjoy ...