Lost CD ?

Posted by: Paul on 12 August 2000

Could it be true ? A couple of weeks ago I had problems with the CD drawer on my 2 year old CDX. The drawer would not close fully. So I got on my hands and knees to see if there was something trapped inside. Low and behold, I could see a CD trapped behind the drawer. Hmmmm, (I said to myself) someone must have inserted a CD without the puck and it to slipped off the tray into the rear of the CD player. Well, after a struggle I managed to fish the CD out of the player to find out that it was not one of mine !!! Who's could it be ???? So, here's my question....has anyone at Naim lost a 1994 Andrew Hill CD called Judgment (Blue Note Label)? If so.....I have it, and I'll gladly return it for a small fee (a free XPS power supply !!!)