V2000 - gotta love that LIVE music!

Posted by: Rico on 22 August 2000

So did anyone else attend/participate at Chelmsford?

Some of the most surprising things...

Travis took to the stage to the opening from Led Zeppelin's 'Your Time Is Gonna Come'. And then played a really great, entertaining set. If more bands were so obviously happy to be doing gigs, I reckon more punters would turn up. There are exceptions of course, such as...

The Dandy Warhols who, while particularly aloof, provided a somewhat measured set. Three guitarists, and not just a messed-up meld of tone. I reckon the new stuff with trumpet somewhat rips off what Hunters and Collectors were doing 15-odd years ago... and people will turn up anyway for these guys.... if you don't already own some of The Dandy Warhols, you should buy some... now!

For me, performance of the festival (those I saw of course, coz you can't be in four places at once) was Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros who played a blinding set, with (guitars) encores - almost unheard of for a band preceeding the headliner. Three guitarists (again!!), a bassplayer, percussionist, and drummer... tight as ... oh, provide your own similie. No warming-up for the first four numbers and then stretch themselves for the last two, oh no; they thundered away from the get-go and really won the crowd, obviously enjoying playing, and being there. Really Awesome. I'm determined to get to a small-venue gig of theirs, 90-odd minutes would be awesome.

moby played a good set. Not sure how much of this was actually played live, being that so much is sampled... but he's a very good, energetic stage performer, and puts on a pretty electric show. The crowd loved it - great atmosphere.

Even Bjorn Again (the Abba tribute band) were very good - easily better than the Beatles tribute band from saturday's lineup.

Downers? The website and info touted 'food and beverages at high-street prices' which was not the case. Hell, we expect to be fleeced when captive within a venue for a weekend - why try to soften the blow? Still, civilised camping, wide variety of greasy food, and no rain - brilliant! Even generally poite security! And while they did screw up with beer provisioning (it took ages to actually get any down yer neck) this year it was COLD! Yes, Cold Beer at an outdoor event in UK summer - amazing! Could be worth a nobel prize, even?! This alone overcomes the choice being Bud or Cider. V (insert year here) is worth atending - blanket recommendation as the 'civilised festival', or 'the festival for those who don't like festivals'.

oh - and a footnote: the only time I've heard anything close to the sound of the second stage PA for The Dandy Warhols, Joe Strummer, and moby, is listening to DBL's. They managed to futz the sound up a bit for Beth Orton.

Rico - musichead