It's been a Drum'n'Bass Day

Posted by: Mike Hanson on 23 August 2000

I don't know why, but I've really enjoyed plumbing the depths of Drum'n'Bass today. Here's what's been played:

It's too bad the day is so short, as I've got lost more that I would like to hear. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Catch you later!

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Posted on: 23 August 2000 by Mike Hanson
Further to my earlier message, I've given LTJ Bukem's "Progression Sessions" (volume 3) a full listen, and I've decided to exchange it for something else. I was hoping that it would be a little harder sounding, and it's really quite smooth.

I could have lived with that (since it was certainly harder than the offering from Everything But The Girl), but there was a lackluster rapper blathering throughout the entire album. It got very monotonous, very early on, and it never improved. If you could remove the voice, the music would have been fine by itself.

I'm also considering LTJ Bukem's "Logical Progressions", but I'm not interested if it's just like ProgSes3. Has anyone heard it, and what did you think?

Oh well. I think I'll play some of Goldie's "Saturnz Return" to finish off my day. It's not his best album, but it has a few good moments. Catch you later!

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Posted on: 24 August 2000 by John Channing
If you don't like the Progression Sessions then I would give Logical Progression a miss. All Bukem's stuff is fairly soft but funky. I don't think I have heard PS vol 3. Volume 4 has two disks one with MC and one without, I prefer with since MC Conrad is really quite good.
Posted on: 24 August 2000 by Mike Hanson
Although I prefer hard-core stuff, I also enjoy the soft, funky stuff on occasion. It was the MC that ruined it for me. Yes he was capable, but it was excessively monotonous, and his voice didn't intrigue me enough to keep me interested. It also seemed to be "plunked on top" most of the time, rather than being an integral part of the music.

If "Logical Progression" doesn't have the MC, then I would probably enjoy it. Catch you later!

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Posted on: 24 August 2000 by Dev B

If you like the harder stuff go get the 'Pure Drum & Bass' Compliation mixed by Grooverider, all the cuts are very hard, dark and the mixing is superb. One of the best jungle albums I own. The Progression Sessions vol.3 is a bit soft for me also, but I think 1,2 and 4 are all excellent MC Conrad does make a valid contribution.

Also check out Fabio Presents 'Liquid Funk' the third CD (the one he mixes, is quite superb) also go get Grooverider presents 'The Prototype Years' the second CD is the one to get into here.

I have been enjoying a lot of Garage and Techno recently, and on the Garage tip 'Incredible, SOund of the Dreem Teem' is worth checking out and the latest 'Carl Cox live' is very strong stuff too.


Posted on: 25 August 2000 by Mike Hanson

"Pure Drum & Bass" sounds great. I'll check it out. I've got Grooverider's "The Prototype Years", but there's only one CD. Is there a version with two?


I won't be out there tonight, but I'll try again in two weeks. I checked the blurb for Resolutions on, and it looks interesting. I may pick it up between now and then. Catch you later!

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Posted on: 30 August 2000 by John Channing
A Guy called Gerald - Essence

It's been a good few years since the release of Black Secret Technology and drum and bass has moved on a long way in the mean time. Some of these changes are reflected in Essence, but essentially this is a refinement of the kind of D&B that was popular back in 94/95 and will suit the people who enjoyed Black Secret Technology. Personally I like this album, it has some massive bass lines, some good (old skool jungle) breaks, as well as some pretty decent vocals. It's not as hard as, say, the typical Moving Shadow release and not as soft as Bukem so it should have general appeal.

Posted on: 31 August 2000 by Graeme Cree
For a "softer" jazzier D&B sound have you tried Down to the Bone? Their debut CD "From Manhattan to Statten" was well received in the contemporary jazz world - Jazz FM No. 1 for weeks back in '97 (but maybe that will put you off). Checkout tracks 2 and 5 for starters. Their follow-up "Urban Grooves - Album II" in '99 is not quite so good IMHO but track 2 "The Zodiac" is pretty mean (take a listen at

Great Saturday morning music!

The "Internal Bass" label is quite good for this sort of thing.

Onwards / upwards