Very nice - AV part of main website

Posted by: Dev B on 02 December 2004

Just thought I'd say how good the new AV section of the main Naim website is, looks very smart! I liked the "star wars" graphics in the AV explained section.

Very nice!
Posted on: 03 December 2004 by mrei
- Great - You are right -
Even up to now, I was a pure Stereo (Vinyl) Fan. Now I'm very happy to be able to enter AV World without pressed to change my favorite High-End Supplier.
I feel very comfortable to see, that NAIM is doing the AV Things with the same great proffessionality as they did and still do the Audio business.

I've just bought the AV2 and I'm looking foreward to listen the N-Series once.

Cheers Michael