Posted by: Ulrich Hohn on 15 November 2004

n-SUB: only for n-SAT or is it possible to improve the sound of SL2's?

Posted on: 15 November 2004 by andy c
I asked this question at the Novotel Hi-Fi show. The naim staff said that it could assist but it was dependant on room etc.
What I liked was that it was adjustable and also configurable for more than one input so you could pre set it for surround and also have a preset for stereo.

andy c!
Posted on: 15 November 2004 by scottyhammer
do you know what the price will be??
Posted on: 15 November 2004 by Dev B
I think it will be very worthwhile to try out the N-Sub, I am looking forward to giving it a go when it comes out.
Posted on: 15 November 2004 by J.N.

I use a REL sub with my SBL's. Settings need to be subtle for two channel audio use, but I believe that a sub adds another dimension (at all frequencies) to the sound of a good system, which cannot achieve the lowest octaves from its main speakers.

The Naim n-sub is expected to retail for about 1,500 in the UK.

Posted on: 16 November 2004 by Ulrich Hohn
thank you for the very nice picture. I will try the sub if the cable is least 5m long.

Posted on: 16 November 2004 by scottyhammer
ugly little bugger isnt it!.
Posted on: 29 November 2004 by Johns Naim
Greetings All

I'm just curious as to whether the N-sub would be able to use a couple of its inputs at the same time, similar I believe to the REL range.

I see it has line level (LFE) and will mix a line level stereo feed from a preamp, and also a high level feed from a power amplifiers speaker outputs.

Hence if one could say, have a line level stereo feed, and line level LFE both operating/connected at the same time, then it could underpin the bass of the main fronts, as well as doing LFE duties at the same time.

VERY useful if it is possible.

Does anyone know if this configuration is possible?

Many thanks


John... Smile

This is my last upgrade.... after this my system will be finished...:-)