DVD5 resolution without scaler option.

Posted by: SimonJ on 26 November 2004

Does anyone know what resolution the DVD5 will do via DVI/HDMI without the optional scaler board upgrade? I've read through the downloadable PDF http://www.naim-audio.com/download/man_dvd5-av2_english.pdf, but did not spot it.

I swore I'd not buy a DVD5 and wait till something really special came out in a few years time, but whilst researching, my mind is getting slowly converted into go and buy one ASAP mode!! Looks really good and will add on screen menus to my AV2 too!! Smile
Posted on: 26 November 2004 by MarkLamble

Without any scaling the output will be 480 for NTSC DVDs and 576 for PAL DVDs

I know what you mean about buying a DVD5 - much as I'd love my DVD player to match the rest of the kit I can't really justify the price. I've already got a CDX for CD playback so 2.5k for video playback is a little OTT for me unfortunately Frown

Posted on: 26 November 2004 by SimonJ
You saying it won't do any scaling at all without the extra scaling board. I guess the answer was in the question. No scaling board, no scaling?!?!? Frown
Posted on: 26 November 2004 by MarkLamble
Yep - that just about sums it up....

If it's any consolation, neither do Arcams.

Scaling CD players are of predominantly Far East origin (Denon, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony etc) and the quality of the output varies enormously. Bear in mind that display devices such as Plasma/LCD TVs and Projectors also contain scalers so it then becomes a contest between which has the 'better' scaler.

High-end manufacturers tend to promote the separates approach in AV as well as Hi-Fi and recommend external scalers such as Lumagen, Crystallio, iScan etc.... after all, what's another 2k when you've just blown 2.5k on the DVD player and 5k on the projector Red Face

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