Fraims and SNAIC leads

Posted by: Don the deep diver on 08 December 2004

The first cut of my home cinema has two Fraims to the right of the right front speaker and it looks cluttered.

I would like to put a Fraim each side of the center speaker (Linn Akurate) which would use space better and should look great.

However SNAIC leads are just too short and Naim don't make any other lengths.

Any experiences, warnings or suggestions?
Posted on: 08 December 2004 by SimonJ
I had a simular dilema and was going to put the stereo kit in one unit and the home theater kit in another. This would mean that I would only need to have one long lead between the AV2 and NAC282, which aparently doesn't matter too much. CD5 + HC2, NAC282 + FC2 & NAP250 all in one, AV2 + NAP175, DVD + SKY in the other. I think the rule of thumb is SNAICS shouldn't be lengthened but source to PRE can.
Posted on: 09 December 2004 by Martin Payne

are your Fraims split into brains & brawn?

If so, did you try putting the brains on the left & the brawn on the right. The location of the DIN sockets makes this work much better than the other way around.

cheers, Martin

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Posted on: 15 December 2004 by Don the deep diver

Thanks for the suggestion I have taken this option and Naim are goingtosupply a single long lead.

A neat solution but in my case the leads would still be too short.