Aerial Problem

Posted by: Dev B on 08 August 2000

Dear all,

Due to refurbishment of my apartment building,I have had to remove my Ron Smith G17 aerial from it. It seems unlikely that I will be able to put it up again, but I'm not that bothered as I should be moving at some point. However, I do want to listen to my 01 tuner and have accepatble quality.

Are there any solutions that could help me here.



Posted on: 08 August 2000 by Willem van Gemert

Visited your homepage again (I know, I still didn't make that picture) and had a look at the antenna at Omer's place. It looks a bit like the Magnum Dynalab Silver Ribbon (SR 100) I have. It was cheap, so I bought it to try it, but I don't use it as it can only receive some strong local stations and not the more weaker but interesting German, French and Belgian stations. If you however say the Chinese antenna works fine, since I'm an antenna fetishist, I'm always interested to try one out. Is there a website/e-mail address where one can find one of these?


Apart from the Magnum Dynalab antenna, I also have a Fanfare FM 2-G, which works wonders, but unfortunately not at my place. I tried it at a friends place with my NAT 01 and it sounded very good. So you should try before buying. Maybe there is a dealer in your neighbourhood or you know somebody who could you lend you his. In use it is very simple: You can just hang the antenna using a piece of string to the "curtain rail".



Posted on: 08 August 2000 by Martin Payne
I have one of these aerials myself, but I'm not really sure which input it should plug into (50 or 75 ohm, if memory serves me).

Can you help me?

thanks, Martin