Projectors on the 'well' cheap

Posted by: garyi on 18 December 2004

We have spotted a rather charming 18th century cottage near to my work. And Have placed an offer.

There is compromise in life and the inglnook fireplace is quite dominant in the room and the layout suggests the only place for speakers is either side. This I can live with.

We still have the problem of the TV though.

My intention (because we don't actually watch a lot of TV) is to get a projector which can beam onto the Chimney breast.

But can this be done cheaply to the max? Basically we don't watch a terrific amount so it would be for the news at 6 and the occasional 'house' show? So quility is not an issue really.

Cheap means 500 or less LOL
Posted on: 18 December 2004 by Fozz
Hi garyi, if you can still get hold of one get the infocus x1, mega for the money. It has built in faroudja processor. It can also be
flashed with the infocus 4800 firmware for improved video performance (gamma values etc). The new range if supposed to be good too but they have taken the texas instruments chip out I believe, the x1a and x2 are certainly available from ebuyer.

Best wishes

Posted on: 18 December 2004 by garyi

The problem with an LCD is that it would sit on the chimney wall and most likely fry with a coal and wood burner under it!

The picture does not need to be big I would be happy with a view of 20-30 inches
Posted on: 19 December 2004 by Fozz
bit confused here, the x1 is a DLP projector
that will fire onto the chimney breast from the other side of the room surely? Mine does just that. luckily all heat from the x1 radiates through the front fan as well so its ok close to back wall.

Posted on: 20 December 2004 by Frank Abela

No problem with placing an LCD or plasma on the chimney breast. If it got that hot, there would be a problem with the chimney bigtime!

If you used a projector for TV, you have serious limitations. You can't watch it during the day unless you draw the curtains. You need low ambient light to watch a projector. You need to add a TV tuner which is at least 150. Unless you decide to paint the chimney white, you'll need a screen, probably electric to go up and down and they're not much less than 500 on a good day with a following wind - plus the installment issues.

If you watch so little telly, why not just buy a cheap 21 or 25" ordinary telly and stick it in a corner like most people do? It'll cost 300 or so.

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Posted on: 20 December 2004 by steved

Quote "No problem with placing an LCD or plasma on the chimney breast".

Is this true? Why then do all plasma/manufacturers say that they must not be placed above or near to any heat source?

On the chimney breast (above a gas fire with surround) is the obvious place for a screen in my house but I have discounted it because of the above advice.

Steve D