AV receiver connection to existing stereo

Posted by: david r on 23 November 2004

I wish to use my exising set up a the left and right however I am slightly confused as to how I should connect it.

What output do I use? Surely not the L & R out of the receiver as this will be an amplified signal - do I need to look out for special outputs before the amp stage on the receiver - if so what are they called?

Thanks is advance

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Posted on: 23 November 2004 by TimCarter50

Hi, what AV processor/ amp are you using?

I have a Yamaha E800 that fits in well with my Naim system. I have CDX2/XPS2, 52+PS, 250, SBL's, Frame and a NAP140 to drive the rear speakers. I also have a M&K Sub driven from the 52's PS.

The Yamaha has line out options for L+R Front and L+R Rear and these connect to the 52 and NAP 140 respectively. I don't have a centre speaker yet, I use the Phantom mode without any real problems.

Hope this helps.


Posted on: 23 November 2004 by david r
Thanks - that is an enormous help as I am trying to work out what to buy.

So effectively you are using only the processing side of the E800 - am I correct?

Do you have the unity gain option for the 52? If not what is the work around?

Thanks in advance

CDSII, 52, 135's, Fraim, and SF Electa Amator II's and Panasonic 42" plasma.
Posted on: 23 November 2004 by TimCarter50

I have no idea what the unity gain option for the 52 is, I'm a bit old and a bit daft with these things.

However, the line out Front L+R is a phono output that feeds to a Din plug at the 52 end. Cable was made up by my local Naim dealer. I set the volume knob on the 52 to 12 o'clock and use the volume control on the Yamaha (using the Remote) to adjust volume levels.

As changing the volume on the Yamaha effects both front and rear outputs, once the output levels are balanced up using the Yamaha set up feature they generally stay in pretty much in sync. This is probably as much to do with the fact that I drive the rear speakers with the NAP 140.

On the topic of using the 140, I was told by two Naim dealers that I couldn't connect it directly to the Yamaha line out connectors.

As an aging electronics engineer I couldn't see why not and called Naim to discuss. They were pretty sure it wouldn't work so I spoke with my preferred Naim dealer who made me up a lead to test it. Once I set the line out levels within the Yamaha to match the front speakers, no problem.

The Sub is connected to the spare output on the 52's PS which is also a variable output based on the volume control. So this is also in sync volume wise with the rest of the system.

The Yamaha is connected to the Aux port on the 52. All I need remember is to turn the volume knob on the 52 down to 9 o'clock when playing CD's and all is well.

Again, hope this helps.

Posted on: 23 November 2004 by TimCarter50

Sorry, yes I only use the processing power which is why I bought the E800 rather than anything else. And at around 400 it was a steal.

If I was going to change it I guess I would look at the Naim offering and a Tag McClaren. To be fair though, what level of quality do you expect to get from a DVD or Satellite receiver that would justify 2,500+ price tags?

I know the converted here would say that the Naim DVD player would justify it, but I wait to be convinced if not only until I hear what is really is coming off the DVD's themselves. Rubbish in, rubbish out.

Posted on: 23 November 2004 by Roger40

I strongly advise against connecting your 140 directly from the line out connectors , as I have got through a pair of SBL tweeters doing just that. The Naim pre-amp have a high pass filter in them that a direct output from the Yamaha does not. Hence it is a sure way to damage your tweeters, I learnt the hard way.

Posted on: 23 November 2004 by TimCarter50

Thanks for the warning. I/m only using the 140 for the smaller (although not cheap) rear speakers in my home cinema set up so pretty low throughput and most of that is bang and boom. So, touch wood, after a couple of years we have not had any problems.

Trouble is, I don't want, nor have the space for, a s/h 32.5 or 72 just for this purpose.

Still, I will bear in mind what you have said.

Thanks again

Posted on: 23 November 2004 by Geoff P
David r

Since you also posted the same question on the home theatre forum, I have given an answer over there.

as an additional bit of info."Unity Gain" is an option available on the newer 5 and reference series pre-amps at their A/V input. Basically it can be switched on with the remote control. The music signal then bypasses the volume and balance control on the pre-amp so the signal coming from the A/V receiver is passed onto the power amp at whatever volume you set on the A/V amps volume control. This means in this mode the volume balance of the front (stereo) channels is under the control of the A/V amp not the Naim pre-amp.



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Posted on: 24 November 2004 by nap-ster
As an aside I had the same question earlier this year as the original topic starter. I originally had a 72/Hi-Cap/250 with a pair of Keilidhs, and wanted to integrate the same into the "AV experience".

I decided to go down the route of buying a cheapish Receiver/processor and add to the system over time. Presently I have a Cambridge Audio Azur Receiver / Processor (250). This is capable of powering all the channels / speakers up to a 6.1 config. It also has pre-outs up to a 6.1 config too.

At present I am using the Cambridge pre-outs to feed the front L and R to the Naim/Keilidhs. I am using the Cambridge to directly drive a pair of Linn 5110's for the rears and a B&W VM1 for the centre. No need for a sub as the system has enough bass already. I am pleasantly happy with the sound so far.

This option has left me with the facility of adding Naim amps to drive the other channels as funds allow until eventually I can just use the Cambridge as a processor. An added feature of the Cambridge is that it has both Coax and Optical Digital inputs for the DVD and the Sky Plus box respectively. Sky Movies 1,2 and 3 are normally broadcast in 5.1 but only through the optical out.

I use the same methos as TimCarter50 of remembering where to set the volume knob switching between CD and AV.

Hope this helps,