Arcam 200/DVD 89 versus 250/79

Posted by: Willie B on 19 December 2004

Anybody into Arcam out there. Room layout precludes expanding 82/250/SBL into home theatre in the main listening room so am thinking of a separate set up in another smaller room - 3m x 3.5m. I would also like reasonable music sound so have been looking at Arcam receivers and DVD players. The older 200/89 can be got for around 1000 now but I wonder if it is worth paying upto 2000 for the newer 250/79 - any advice gratefuly received.

Willie B
Posted on: 19 December 2004 by MarkLamble
Willie B,

Can't comment on the Arcams from personal experience, but from the research I've been doing so far the biggest difference between the old and new version is as follows :

250 amp doesn't have pre-outs so can't be enhanced by adding additional/upgraded amps.

79 has HDMI output which is the way to go if you're after the latest digital connection to a high res LCD/Plasma/Projector. If your display device only supports prog scan component then the 89 should be fine.

Posted on: 20 December 2004 by Phil-1978
I have an Arcam DV89, and can highly recommend it - the performance for CDs and DVDs is excellent.

The only main difference with the 79 is HDMI output, but that is a new technology and it may be some time before it becomes mainstream and reasonably priced.

I use the SVHS output, but progressive scan is also available to take advantage of.

I can't comment on the AVRs, but HDMI is really the feature to decide on with regard to the DVD players.

Posted on: 20 December 2004 by Frank Abela
The AVR200 and AVR250 are completely different machines using different components, layout and design principles - they just look similar. The 250 is a cut-down 300 which was a back-to-the-drawing-board design whereas the 200 is a 100 with Prologic II. The 100 was based on a common platform that was breathed on by Arcam.

The DV89/AVR200 1095 deal is a steal when compared to similarly priced bang-up-to-date Denons and Pioneers. The DV79/AVR250 is in the next league up in terms of performance, although it bothers me that Arcam took out the upgradeability of pre-outs on the AVR250.

I have not directly compared the DV79 and DV89 so cannot comment on the differences of those two players. If the 89 is anything like as good as the 79, then it's very good since the 79 is one of the best players sensible money can buy.

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Posted on: 20 December 2004 by Willie B
Thanks Mark, phil and frank for your helpful replies - looks like the budget 200/89 is the most cost effective although a 250/89 would give better sound for about 500 more. Time to think seriously

Willie B
Posted on: 22 December 2004 by fled
I have just added a Arcam DV79 and a Sim2 20H DLP projector.
Using the HDMI connection all I can say is "bloody Hell" nothing I have ever seen (Plasma, LCD, Cinema) beats the picture quality of this, it is nothing less than breathtaking. The sound is also on the mark not up to my CDX/XPS but not that far off !!!
Posted on: 23 December 2004 by Two-Sheds
I have just added a Arcam DV79 and a Sim2 20H DLP projector.

If you don't mind me asking fled how much did you pay for the sim2?

I have the DV89 and am very happy with it. I have it hooked up to a Toshiba HD widescreen tv via component cables and the pic quality is good. I have compared the pic quality through S-Video and the component and there is a big difference. Now I'm just looking for a projector (hence q above).
Posted on: 24 December 2004 by fled
Do I call you Two or Sheds Smile
anyhow I paid a smidge over 3k for it from those great folks at AudioT in Swindon UK. I think the list here in the UK is 3500 ?
My advice is buy one its trully stunning. I never thought you can get the depth that this gives you (or is it the DV79 !!) anyhow the pairing is exceptional esp with HDMI.