The 'Ball & Chain'

Posted by: wal riley on 13 August 2000

Just wondering how many of you out there have to agree with the missus just how long and how often you can play the Hi-fi per week? I'm bit of an awkward sod, in that I like to sit and wallow in it without any conversation intruding. Jules however, doesn't share my passion. She does indulge me though, in that she will bog off upstairs and read or whatever, so I can be on my own to play music for 2-3 hours. She even takes the dogs with her, bless her!! Anyway, this rather unsociable aspect of my interest means that we have to have rules regarding how often I can indulge which, for me is twice (and occasionally three times) a week. How does everyone else avoid domestics?
Posted on: 13 August 2000 by Andy S
How does everyone else avoid domestics?

Build a separate room, just for the hi-fi. Not cheap, but it works.


Posted on: 13 August 2000 by Willem van Gemert
In general I can't complain, as my wife likes our Naim system, has good ears and tolerates upgrades! It just sometimes gets to her nerves when I'm listening to the stereo instead of listening to the music, and the classical one: She often thinks I'm listening to music too loud. Sometimes it's true, sometimes it's just a louder part. Often the case with classic symphonies. "Sorry I can't hear you, the music is too loud".



Posted on: 14 August 2000 by bob atherton
I am a freelance photographer & do a certain amount of 'resting' between jobs. My wife works mornings only, so if I am quiet at work I am _loud_ at home in the mornings. This is good for albums like King Crimson's THRAK.

In the evenings we both listen to slightly less 'challenging' music, at quieter volume. We also listen to the radio when not spinning black or silver discs. I guess the system is playing on average for 2-3 hrs a day.