Price for Naxo 2/4?

Posted by: Anders on 18 August 2000

1. What would be a resonable price for a Naxo 2/4 (i.e. not Snaxo 2/4) with the new cosmetics and in very good condition?

2. Have anyone tried them "untweaked", i.e. in their original settings for IBL/SBL, with Kan/Kan IIs? Do one need to adjust setting in order for the Naxo 2/4 to work well with Kan/Kan IIs? Comments?


Posted on: 18 August 2000 by Phil Sparks
I was recently on the look-out for a 2nd hand HiCap and found someone selling a new style HC and SBL Naxo 2/4 for 575. The Hi Cap's prob worth 400 - 450 so I guess I got the Naxo for 125 to 175. This seemed too good a deal to turn down just in case I want to go active at some point. Remember that the Naxo is the cheapest bit of the active route though as you'll need a HiCap (400) another power amp (say 800 for a 2nd hand 250) plus another run of cables. By the way there's a very interesting 2nd hand 42 on Loot at the moment with a built in 2/4 active crossover which I guess could all be powered by one Snaps, Hi-Cap or even the power amp. Never heard of one of these but with a couple of 110s could be a very cheap way of driving something difficult like Saras.

Having got the Naxo I've been investigating whether it'll work with my mk1 Kans and apparantly the SBL Naxo is fine, the kans and SBLs use the same tweeter and approx the same x-over point. Apparently JV reckoned that the slope rather than the actual crossover point is the crucial bit. There was a bit of raving on the old forum about how stunning active kans are so I'm on the lookout for a pair of 2nd hand 250 at the moment...

Posted on: 18 August 2000 by bob atherton
I once bought a Hicap from a guy who ran active Kans. I think it was one of the most engaging & dynamic systems I have ever heard. I was so inspired that I now run active IBL's. If I ever see a pair of active Kans for sale I will snap them up as I would _love_ to hear them again. I think from what I can recall it would be a
close run thing between Kans & IBL's.


Posted on: 19 August 2000 by Martin Payne
Given that SNAXOs seem to be worth around 350 I would say that a NAXO shouldn't attract more than half that, even less if very old.

However, I'm told that the later NAXOs are considerably better than the early ones, so maybe not quite so cheap. In this case, though, I think I'd hold out for a SNAXO.

Refer to the revision lists on the main site for details of when the SNAXO replaced the NAXO.

cheers, Martin.