MC phono cartridge demagnetization

Posted by: Phil Barry on 17 August 2000

I'm about to start experimenting with an MC cart - a Linn-rebuilt Karma, assuming the mail gets through. It will replace my Grado Sonata, which is no longer satisfying me, perhaps because of deteriorating hearing.

One thing that has kept me away from MC is the maintenance. Does anyone know what the effect of de-magnetizing (or whatever) the Karma is? Is it a good thing to do, or not? If it is, how offten should it be done?

If it needs to be done, my use of the Karma is likely to be of short duration. I am not proud to be leaving the MM ranks, and this is only an experiment, doable because I got the Karma CHEAP.


Posted on: 17 August 2000 by Paul B

I have owned several Linn MCs and have never used a demagnetization device. I recall reading that VandenHul is opposed to ANY demagnetization devices at all, stating the more frequently you do it the more often it needs to be done because of the short-lived effect upon the cartridge through demagnetization. Hence the reason some claim it necessary to demagnetize daily! Yet others will swear by demagnetization. However, I wouldn't let this issue deter you from trying a rebuilt Karma or another MC. Its really a non-issue.


Posted on: 17 August 2000 by Mark Dunn
Hi all:

I've always been scared to use a demagnetizer like the Audio Physics as long term effects seem in question. However, Cardas make a record that, among other things has degaussing tracks. These are simply frequency sweeps (up and down). I was a bit cynical at first but am now a convert. I use the tracks about once every couple of months and the improvement is quite obvious, - a clearer and tighter sound.

Best Regards,
Mark Dunn

Posted on: 18 August 2000 by Mark Dunn
Hi Ross:

It's those Exposure amps clouding the detail

Seriously, to me, there's definitely an improvement. The first time I used the Cardas disc was on an AudioTechnica OC9 which was about two years old and the improvement on that was quite dramatic.

Best Regards,
Mark Dunn

PS had a chance to try an XV-1 on your Ekos yet? Go on... you know it makes sense!B