For Funk Fans Only

Posted by: Markus on 08 September 2000

Just wanted to provide a heads-up to those who may have overlooked the following recent releases or re-releases:

1. Quality Control, Instrumental version by the Jurassic 5, a double LP release. Limited quantities. This is an extremely funky release! To appreciate it you may have to get over any "problems" you have with sample-based music 'cause this album is full of 'em. If you do manage to get over those problems you'll hear an album full of hooks, breaks and superb bass-lines. BTW, not audiophile approved (that is, don't expect "realistic" imaging but do enjoy hearing the differences between the recording environments of the various samples.

2. The Meters. Do you know that all the original Meters albums have been re-released on glorious black vinyl? This includes The Meters and Look a Py Py (originally on Josie), as well as Cabbage Alley (original copies are mega-rare), Rejuvenation (one of the finest albums and album covers ever released by human beings on the planet earth) and Fire on the Bayou, all originally on Warner Brothers and all worth owning. A great way to fill in the missing slots in one's Meters collection without having to pay collectors prices for an equivalent condition mint copy. Many of these albums were already hard or impossible to find even on cd.

3. And last but not least, for those who overlooked my previous recommendation on the old Forum is Sonny Cheebah Rocks the World by Blackout. The apparent lack of interest and follow up posts on that thread was somewhat puzzling and troubling and made me wonder if I'm the only Funk-o-phile on the conference. Surely this could not be true

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Posted on: 26 September 2000 by Martin M
New Directions has also been done, haven't heard it though! You're correct about the others though they are fantastic.

An old recommendation from me. I spotted Curtis Mayfield Live on re-released on vinyl. A fine, rare record, well pressed and sounding good.