av2 speaker size setup

Posted by: Himat on 18 December 2004

i would just like to clear my mind on how my av2 should be set up .
my setup
main speakers (large) ruark CL20
center (large) ruark CL15
rear (small) mk55 tripoles
sub (yes) rel storm3

if they are all set to small the base freqency sent to the sub.so will this apply to the stereo mode as well.

my sub has both connection of hi level from speakers and LFE connected.
dvd player used as cd player
wish list for a dvd5.

your views and sugestion please.
Posted on: 18 December 2004 by Steve2701
Set up the speakers as you have in the list (large - small - sub ) after having the firmware on the AV2 upgraded, and then adjust the roll off frequency for sub as required?

Dont think it would hurt if you experimented with the setting large / small to see exactly how it affected your particular setup?
Posted on: 18 December 2004 by Manu
I prefer to set the center channel to Small (even with bass capable speakers), the voices are clearer.


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Posted on: 20 December 2004 by Frank Abela
I would prefer to set all your speakers to large. The voices have more body and the general soundscape is more natural (sorry Manu). The centre can sound a bit chesty at times, but this is usually due to the support under it rather than the speaker itself. I even set Elac Cinema 3 sub/sat systems like this most of the time!

The problem with setting the speakers to small is that the surround processor puts vastly more of the frequency range into the sub. This makes the sub more obvious because it's trying to reproduce frequencies in a range we can locate. The Storm's performance envelope doesn't really stretch that far as far as I know so that will make it work (struggle?) harder. Those capable CL20's won't be pumping out anything like what they're capable of and even the MK55s will probably improve the surround scape. But you do need to setup the sub with care. Start at around the 45hz mark and work from there.

All opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinion of any organisations I work for, except where this is stated explicitly.
Posted on: 20 December 2004 by Nick Riley
I agree with Frank on this one. Over the last two years I have gradually upgraded to having Neat Ultimatum speakers as a complete set (MF5's for L&R, MFC for centre and MFS's for surround). I have tried various set-ups, even though the centre and surrounds are (more than) bass capable and with everything set-up to 'large' and careful set-up of the sub now have a fantastic 'cinematic' sound with rich, deep clear voices.