Posted by: Neil Gilbert on 05 December 2004

My system is AV2/175/150.

I have just changed my preamp from a 112 to 72 and cannot get sound through the two front speakers. I have connected exactly as I had the 112. No problem playing my records which are direct into the 72 but on AV I only get the three channels through the 175. If I remove the 72 from the chain and connect as for 175/150 I get all 5 channels.

Clearly the problem is the connection fron AV2 to 72 but cannot see how I can connect it differently.

Could the answer be that my interconnect is wrong and I need the non standard "reversed" connection referred to in the manual?

My previous connection was sold alogwith the 112 and I am using another Naim 5 pin to 5 pin that I had.

Anything else I could have missed?

Posted on: 05 December 2004 by SimonJ
I have a AV2 & 282. The reverse DIN should come with the AV2 as standard and should be used to connect the AV2 to the pre. I not sure if the cable can be used for anything else anyway. On mine the 282 has a unity gain setting which basically whacks the volume up to half volume I think. If your pre does not have a unity gain mode then maybe you just need to manually turn the volume up to half way.
Posted on: 05 December 2004 by Steve2701
On older Naim pre's that do not have unity gain, it states in the instructions to use the lead that came with the AV2 to connect to the pre-amp (mine is the tuner input) to something easily remembered, ie 12 o'clock.
Set the volume on the pre to 12 o'clock also.
Then run through the speaker setup program on the AV2 as in the instructions with the test tone on ( I would highly recomend using a sound level meter here) Have the volume on the AV2 set to about 40 -> 50 with the test tone on to obtain readings on the meter.
Posted on: 05 December 2004 by mrei
Hallo Neil

Why you have switsched from the nac112 to the nac72?
I have both and have to sell one now. Is there a reason to keep the 72 instead of the 112?
Best regards Michael
Posted on: 05 December 2004 by Neil Gilbert
Hi Michael

I originally had an 82 but sold it to purchase the AV2 thinking I could survive without it and use the preamp on the AV2. I was wrong.

I purchased a 112 which I found no better than the AV2 as a preamp. Now bought a 72 which is much better to my ears.

Thanks all for the input on my original question. The only 5 pin to 5 pin I have is a chord, so somewhere along the way the reversed Naim interconnect has disappeared.

I guess this is the problem.

Posted on: 05 December 2004 by SimonJ
Yes it should have come with it for definate, I bought my AV2 ex-demo and it was not in the box, luckily my dealer checked the box before I left, spotted it missing and so searched the storeroom and found it. If you got it from a dealer, I'd suggest going back and seeing if they can find it.
Posted on: 05 December 2004 by Neil Gilbert
I definately had one with the AV2.

Responsibility ends with me unfortunately.