Posted by: Rico on 12 September 2000

OK, you're probably used to me posting when I've been to a good or great gig... I generally go to more than I post here, but don't bother posting them all.

Last night saw us in Werchter Park, near Leuwen ("yeah! won't you take me to.. Stella Town"), outside of Brussels. What a civilised crowd! What an awesome concert! Radiohead are confirmed a sone of the bast bands ever. ok rant over. They were supported by Sigur Ros (which is the bast album to buy first, ya'll - we liked 'em).

I just can't wait for the new album. None of the new material sounded patchy in the slightest (well, you might say, they've had long enough in the studio to refine it)... and the strong 'rythmic at the expense of melody' direction as mentioned in this month's Q interview with the band certainly works well. For those of you who've seen the band live before, the way they change instruments and roles from song to song might not be too surprising, but I was rather impressed. Old songs presented not in new ways for the sake of difference, but with real refinement. They're particularly adept at playing LIVE without sounding like fish out of water (errr, a studio band out of the studio, more accurately). Sonics within the tent were good, always easy to pick out Yorke's wailings from the rythmn section, keyboards etc... although I didn't walk around much, preferring my typical locale near the desk.

Wow. If you get a chance, see them. Sell yer granny if you have to, to get a ticket.

Perhaps (much as they're rumoured to dislike such tags) deserve one of those 'best band in the world' mantles.

Rico - musichead

Posted on: 12 September 2000 by Allan Probin

I'm very envious, wish I could have been there.

Radio1 are broadcasting an interview with Radiohead and playing tracks from the new album on the 18th September on the Steve Lamaq show (between 8 and 10pm).


Posted on: 13 September 2000 by Rico
Cheers, Allan. I'll make sure I record it. So much for Q's 'exclusive' claim - or maybe that was 'exclusive to magazine'? Or 'exclusive to music magazine'? Or exclusive to UK music magazine with Q on the cover'?...

Rico - musichead

Posted on: 18 September 2000 by Rico
Thanks for the pointers, Joel.

FYI all Radiohead fans, Kid A is to be broadcasted in its entirity (whatever that means) on XFM London tonight, during the show that starts 2300 (whichever that is) ... I think I caught mention that it starts at midnight. Set yer HiFi VHS for a pre-release taster?

Rico - musichead