Prefix problem: not enough gain...

Posted by: mmhifi on 19 August 2000


I did full conversion from sucking digital to vinyl. I bought 2ndhand 1983 LP12/Valhalla/Ittok LVII. Yesterday my dealer made exellent job by
installing Cirkus and new Klyde mc cart and did full table/cart retuning. As phono stage he installed new K-type Prefix inside plinth which is powered by HiCap from dedicated ac line.
From Prefix signal runs to Ensemle Tiger integrated and Ensemble Reference speakers. Sound quality of this installation I grade from good to astonishing and depends mostly on record quality and condition. But I have one caveat:
there is not enough gain in Prefix for low-output Klyde. With fully open Tiger I can get
"normal" volume level and not 1db more. True
it's mostly fine for classical and jazz but not
for rock where additional 2-3db are not superfluous. And it's fine to have 3-6db of reserve in any case,isn't it? Is it possible to get more juice from Prefix? I can change phono pre(cart and amp are not options) but prefer to stick with Naim because of sound quality it provides.

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Posted on: 19 August 2000 by Paul B
Your problem has not been mentioned before as far as I can recall. The Prefix should have enough gain with the Klyde. There is also a Prefix S type with slightly different loading but the gain is the same I believe. Either there is a fault with the Prefix/Klyde or the problem lies elsewhere (in the preamp?).

You should contact Naim directly, perhaps.


Posted on: 19 August 2000 by mmhifi
Not likely. Tiger is absolutely happy(on same input too) with cd and tuner and Prefix/Klyde provides performance to die for without any channel disbalance - but where can I find those 3-6db ? Additional tip: Linto has 64db of
gain for Archiv/Klyde and Prefix...56db - exactly
what I miss.
Posted on: 19 August 2000 by mmhifi
How do you know "S" will be better? Did you do
test on same system? I feel mine sounds right and
I have no RFI problems or something. I never seen
Naim did claims on "K"/Klyde/Arkiv incompatibility
and it seems to be legend. Your advice on speakers is funny, mine are 90db/w and amp is 60w/ch - and it's not option, because I don't
know of better speakers(except Ensemble Elysia).
Posted on: 21 August 2000 by David O'Higgins
How can I tell whether I have an 'S' or a 'K' prefix and which should be used with a Lyra Clavis DC ?