Using existing stereo set up - wiring question

Posted by: david r on 23 November 2004

I wish to use my exising set up a the left and right however I am slightly confused as to how I should connect it.

What output do I use? Surely not the L & R out of the receiver as this will be an amplified signal - do I need to look out for special outputs before the amp stage on the receiver - if so what are they called?

Thanks is advance

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Posted on: 23 November 2004 by Geoff P
What you need are the outputs on the A/V receiver that are labelled as the "pre out" sockets. These are typpically RCA signal sockets in a single group.

They should NOT be confused with the "pre in" sockets which are also typically on A/V amps for inputting analog signals from sources such as a DVD player as an alternative to the more normal digital in connection.

The other thing is to connect the pre-out front left & right signals into the 52. The slight problem you have is that you don't have a signal input on the 52 that can be programmed for "unity gain" which allows the master volume control on the A/V amp to take over volume control Newer Naim pre-amps such as the 5 & reference series have this function available). However you can connect to a spare input on the 52 (maybe AUX 1 for example) using a lead made up with RCA plugs at one end and the standard din plug at the other. You will have to get the right volume level on the front channels by adjusting the 52's volume control to match the volume level of the center & surround channels coming from the A/V amp but that is not a big deal it just needs a bit more patience getting volume balance right.


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