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Posted by: Chris Metcalfe on 10 August 2000

Martin Colloms in HiFi News this month reviews a stand by Finite Elemente of Germany called the Pagode (HD, in this case). The interesting part is that he's used Mana as his primary supports for several years and feels that the Pagode stands(to precis crudely) are notably better in a number of key areas.

Many have criticised the Mana sound without living with it; here is the UK's premier technical reviewer, having used it for a considerable time, finding something potentially better. It doesn't look gothic, either. But it's very expensive.

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Posted on: 10 August 2000 by Mark Dunn
Hi all:

Hartmut, isn't that what you use?

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Posted on: 11 August 2000 by Willem van Gemert
Finite Elemente have several racks. The Pagode HD range is the biggest and most expensive range. A "normal" Pagode Rack, which should be enough for Naim components, is more reasonably priced and should not be more expensive than the equivalent in Hutter or Mana. Their finish is simply superb! For me, they are the best looking stands currently available, but I have no idea how they combine with Naim. Currently I'm trying a Mana Mini Table at home and it's effect on my NAT 01 is absolutely stunning! I didn't try my other components yet on it. In the mean time the local Finite Elemente dealer promised me I can try his Pagode Rack once at home. I will, after my trip to Greece in September. Maybe I could arrange to get some Hutter as well by then. Will let you know my impressions if it works out.



P.S. For more info on the Pagode Racks, check out:

Posted on: 15 August 2000 by Tomas Ístlund
I got some tax refounds and am planning to spend some of it on supports. In my ears (reading this forum) the Hutter racks seems to be a very good alternative. I'm not to keen on the looks though and on Naims sight the new 5-series is displayed in another stand manufactured by Hutter. Has anyone compared this to the rest of their range ?


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