What about launching a NAP V200 (1 or 3 ways) ?

Posted by: karyboue on 16 December 2004

Last week-end I was thinking about upgrading, just dreaming. One day I should try a NAP 250.2 at my dealer but what will I do with my NAP 200 ?
So I pluged it in the rears and the V175 in the front and center ... oh, man ! It really opens space in the back, it sounds clearer, more natural, less directive, well, definitly better, much much better !
So I started thinking about the center channel and the only upgrading amp. option is a (not affordable for me) V145. So, lets imagine that some day I'll buy one. It means that I'll have inferior amps. on the l/r channel for CDs Confused , one V145 in center "means" a NAP 300 in front Frown .

Isn't there a gap in Naim's AV amp range ?
Posted on: 16 December 2004 by Frank Abela

Although what you say is true it's not a bad thing for the centre channel to have the best amp since in the surround situation, the centre channel is arguably the most important part of the system. Another thing you should try is to power the centre with one of your 200's channels, use the centre channel of the 175 on one of the rears and the other 200 channel on the other rear. Although it may sound a bit odd, you will realise some of the big gains that happen when the centre is driven by an even more capable amp than the 175, not that the 175 is incapable - it's just not as good!

Of course, a 200.3 would be nice and a 250.3 would be very nice (but impossible - not enough space)!

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