forum still disasterous, but listen to *this*

Posted by: Pete on 24 August 2000

Popping back to see if it threads etc., and it still doesn't, so I think just a short visit.

But while I'm here... those of you who claim to like female vocalists, or just generally good stuff, could do a lot worse than check out Me'Shell Ndegeocello's rather fine release "Bitter". Broad categorisation would be the same sort of area as Sarah McLachlan, but much as I like "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" I must say Bitter's streets ahead of it.

After a couple of years' search finally found a copy of Jim & Morning Nichols' "My Flame", good swinging jazz guitar and fem. vocal that will be familiar to a lot of folk who've been naimified at Robert's by "Please Call Me, Baby" during his equipment dems. Still nonexistent in catalogues, but I emailed the Nichols' at their website and they had a pal in France send me a copy in return for $20, which seemed like a fair deal to me, so thanks to all concerned for that personal touch.

Also picked up Fayman & Fripp's "A Temple in the Clouds". Frippertronics with added atmospherics from film composer Fayman. Haven't really been in the mood for ambient washes lately so can't really decide if it's any good, but will probably be practicing my yoga to it if I get round to registering for the classes next week. Not one for speed metal junkies though...

And back to female vocals with character, got Bjork's "Homogenic". Seen this described as "chamber techno" or somesuch, which seems a fair description. Like it a lot, and anyone who can write lines like "How very Scandanavian of me" has got to be worth your time.