n-sat specs?

Posted by: PeterZ on 05 December 2004

Has anyone seen the specs for the n-sat speakers yet?

I'm in the market for some mini-monitors and wonder if the n-sat is a suitable candidate (currently considering Totem Model 1 signature and Proac 1SC / Tablette 2000 signature). This is for a system with no sub.

I'm not sure how low the n-sats will go. Also, I've seen no prices anywhere.

Does anyone know either the specs or the price?

FWIW, I'm interested in Canadian pricing.


PS - What is up with those n-stands? I've never seen them live but the pictures sure doesn't make me think "man, I wish I had some of that" like seeing pictures of fraim does. The n-sats look pretty cool though...
Posted on: 05 December 2004 by J.N.
Hi Peter;

I assume you've been here?


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Posted on: 06 December 2004 by PeterZ
John: yes I have been there which is where I got the picture link in my original post from.

The reason for my post is that the page on the Naim site has only a one liner about the driver size specs, no other data (ie. freq response, sensitivity, etc.) on the n-sat speakers. Plus there is no real detail info on the speaker's pictured stand.

The stand doesn't look like it's meant to be filled with any ballast (ie. sand, lead, etc.) like most stands I'm familiar with, so some additional info would be interesting to me (and possibly others as well). It looks like some sort of cantilever design, but that is pure speculation on my part, some real data from the manufacturer would be nice! That's why I posted to the hi-fi forum.

Also, I asked my original question in the context of a 2 channel system in the hi-fi forum but I guess the admins moved it here for some reason. My interest remains in the original context.....is the n-sat a viable 2 channel speaker in a sub-woofer free system?

Posted on: 06 December 2004 by Paul Stephenson
Hi Peter, we will be updating the site shortly with lots more info for you.
In the meantime the sats can of course be used as a 2 channel pair no problem. Our development covered this area,we have listened to plenty of music on the sats without a sub.
freq response- 50Hz-20kHz, sensitivity 87db for 1 watt ap 1 mtr.

The stands are not supposed to require further damping, they are light and rigid with some clever de-coupling between cabinet and stand. I think if you saw them in the flesh you would see they look pretty cool too!
Posted on: 06 December 2004 by PeterZ
Paul, many thanks for the reply, this is exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully my local dealer will have some for me to try out.

In the meantime, are the stands required for optimal performance (ie. were they part of the design) or will the n-sats work on the more "conventional" stands that many of us may already have?

Hopefully that doesn't turn out to be a rhetorical question Smile

Posted on: 06 December 2004 by Adam Meredith
the n-Sats will work on other stands. The ones pictured were specifically designed for the nSats and work extremely well with them.