my old SBL with n-sat/n-cent or new Ariva with n-sat/n-cent

Posted by: mrei on 22 November 2004

Hy ... for my system (AV2,2*NAP150,1*NAP140,NAT5,CD5,FC2,NAC112 and a older paor of nice SBL's)i'm looking for Sat and Center Speaker. Does the new n-series work well (sondwise) with my pair of SBL (68xxx). Since I read' the driver System of the new n-series is similar to the Midrange drives of the Arive, I ask myselfe, If it would be worth to change the SBL to the new Ariva to join them to the comming n-Cebt and n-sat's.
What doeus you thing ? Has anyone good experiences with the Arivas (Stereo as well as in a surround System)? Thank you very much for your feedbacks.
Posted on: 23 November 2004 by Jay
Hi Michael

Welcome to the forum.

I don't think you're going to get an educated answer to your question except from the Naim guys (and gals!) themselves. Obviously the n-CENT, SATS, etc, aren't out so it'd be difficult to really tell in practice how your SBL's will integrate.

It has been hypothesized that because the Ariva and the new n-SAT, n-CENT, etc have similar (the same?) drivers that they would integrate extremely well.

For what it's worth I'm in the same boat myself with SBL's. I'd like to investigate a package with the n-SAT(4) and n-SUB vs Arivas at the front and n-SAT's at the rear.


Posted on: 23 November 2004 by Juliandowd
Hi mrei!
Think about this:
Buy a pair of s/h SBLs for the rear and another one for the center part (front and rear).
The prices of s/h SBLs are imho good for the moment.
Iīve done this in my home cinema and it sounds great.
Best regards

I forgot one thing:
I such a setup an extra sub isnīt necessary at all (if your listening room is not too large), so the SBLs make a extraordinary bass punch.

On the other hand: If the n-sup is available, I will try one, definitely!
Posted on: 23 November 2004 by mrei
Hi Jay and JD
Many thanks for your answers. I'm allready looking for a s/h Pair of SBL's, but find this in Swizerland odr germany is somehow difficult. but for the Center I can't use an SBL because oh the High of this box. Ant ther are starting my doubts.... which Center Box coul'd be suitable for the SBL's. Certainly AXENT and AXENCT would be nice, but pricewise as well because of the size, they are in an other league.

I'm looking foreward until I can test the new N-Series and ther I will have to investigate exactly the same configurations as Jay....
One Question to Jay - Why you want to investigate the setups without an n-Cent ?
Best regards from Thun (the door to the alps in switzerland)
Posted on: 23 November 2004 by Jay
Originally posted by mrei:
One Question to Jay - Why you want to investigate the setups without an n-Cent ?

Slip of the keyboard! Both options would have a n-CENT.

Maybe when the n-CENT comes out you could try it and let us know how it works with SBL's Big Grin
Posted on: 24 November 2004 by Juliandowd
Hi Michael,
finding s/h SBLs imho isnīt such a problem.
I sent an SBL-searching-mail to all naim dealers in Germany and got three replys (and all for good price).
The Arivas are phantastic speakers. Sure one of the best Naim ever made for the money. I heard them with CDXII/282/SCII/250-2c and it sounded great. Imagine, what 5 (or 6) Arivas will make in a sourround set.
Best regards
Posted on: 28 November 2004 by Johns Naim
Interesting post

From what I've heard/experimented with, I'd be inclined to go the ideal way, and go matched speakers all round if possible; placement and/or cost considerations not withstanding.

Thus a set of SBL's (as Juliandowd suggests) OR matching Arrivas all round, OR N-sats all round and matching N-sub - and in pretty much that order IMHO.

Arrivas are good, but no match for an SBL, not even close in fact. The only 'demerit' point I can think of for SBL's re HT is their close to the wall placement and the limited spatial dimensionality that gives to the sound presentation.

Re the Arriva all round, v's Arrivas at the front and N-sats at the rear - OK if cost or placement considerations force it - heh, I like it 'perfect' and matching all round is definitely the way to go.


John... Cool

This is my last upgrade.... after this my system will be finished...:-)