Calling Adam/Alan: Concrete questions about the NaimNet servers...

Posted by: vln on 23 January 2007

Hello Adam (and Alan Ainslie, in case he is listening/looking) ... and everyone who might be able to provide some information!

I have some more concrete questions about the NaimNet servers and perhaps I am not the only one interested in the answers.

Here goes:

1. Has there already been a final decision as to what the internal storage capacity will be?

2. Is it possible to exchange the internal HD with one of higher storage capacity in a couple of years time (when we all have 500GB storage capacity on our mobile phones? Smile)

3. Is it possible to connect external HDs, should the internal HD ever be full? (I don't see why it shouldn't be, but just to make sure)

4. Is it possible to receive/listen to internet radio? (again, I don't see why it shouldn't be, but just to make sure)

5. Is it possible to change the RCA output to a DIN output on the smaller models (I understand that the NS REF already has DIN out)? (I am asking since I heard it's possible to have the RCA outputs on a Stageline changed to BNC outputs, too)

6. When connecting a computer screen* directly to such a server (as IIRC it is possible), has there been given any thought as to how e.g. cover art is handled, e.g. is it possible to show cover art full screen or something like that (in which case it would already be bigger than on a CD Smile)

7. IIRC, there is a standard remote control included with the servers, meaning that when you want to operate, say, an NS 01 in a simple, non-multiroom system, you would essentially only need a computer screen to see what you're doing, right? (Although strictly speaking, an internet connection is also necessary, if you don't want to enter the track names by yourself)

Apologies for the pedantic inquisitiveness,
looking forward to the answers!


* IBM does make nice black ones in all sizes which should go well with naim gear... which should give the ultimate minimalist server-based naim system: flat screen -> NS01 -> Nait5i -> n-Sats Cool