Freeview TV and aerials

Posted by: John3 on 05 November 2003

Just bought a Sony freeview digibox and surprise surprise I can only pick up a few channels. The chap in the shop advised that an aerial upgrade may be necessary. I have phoned an aerial installer who is insisting that I should also upgrade all the downleads since digital requires a different type of cable (double screeened I think he said). Anyone know if this is really the case or will I get away with just a replacement aerial? I really don't want to change all the cabling as at the moment it is all neatly buried in the walls.
Posted on: 05 November 2003 by Paul Ranson
Back in the OnDigital days they did a subsidised aerial upgrade deal, 40 regardless I think. Anyway we got a new aerial and they just installed a new downlead because it was quicker. It's standard UHF coax, worked fine for digital. I don't see why you would need anything more. Satellite is different connectors and cable.

Posted on: 05 November 2003 by Derek Wright
Depends where you live but most likely you will need a wideband aerial. The improved co ax may be needed to get the best out of the signal

Check out
for the DTT POstcode database to check what channels you should be able to receive.

There is lots of chat and useful information at the

It is worthwhile getting a good aerial installer to do the work.


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Posted on: 05 November 2003 by John3
Thanks, this is a useful site.
Posted on: 06 November 2003 by Chris Metcalfe
I had a local aerial expert round to fit a 'digital' aerial and new upgraded cable. Can get all channels now.