PSX, XBox, Saturn games & stuff

Posted by: Rasher on 07 November 2003

Anyone here have any time to play??
Just wondering what games people like.
Anyone ever complete Final Fantasy X?
Posted on: 07 November 2003 by Gunnar Jansson
Just bought a x-box for my 11 year old son.
(He thinks that the controls are better on that than on the others.)
Well you know (perhaps)...
Can daddy have a go?
Last evening dad got a gold medal on Gotham racing (on hard setting) with a porsche boxster.
Very proud.
Latest Colin Mcrae rally is said to be very good.

So any recommendations regarding good x-box games is appreciated.
"Shoot them up games" are not allowed by me.

Posted on: 07 November 2003 by Mekon
I used to be really into the gran turismo series - I have all the gold licenses on GT and GT2. I then got GT3, but someone introduced me to GPL on the PC, and GT's physics seemed rubiish by comparison. I then became too busy to play games, and my brain has now forgotten how great GPL is. This means I can play GT3 again happily. I am starting to feel the hype for GT4.

Other than completing Moto GP2, I haven't really got stuck into anything since GTA - Vice City.

My missus loves FF and Shenmue, Shenmue 2 being her favourite game ever.

My top five games of all time (for their time) would probably include

Mario 64
Mario Kart
Gran Turismo

but I have to mention Carrier Command on the ST, 'cos I did love that.
Posted on: 07 November 2003 by John Channing
Rather embarassingly I have owned Pro Evolution Soccer 3 and Rugby 2004 for nearly two weeks and not played either of them. Hopefully I will get some time this weekend. My favourite games that have not yet got a mention:
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
Crash Bandicoot (PS1)
Micro Machines (PS1)
Posted on: 07 November 2003 by Rasher
I really get into the driving games, and haven't found anything better than MSR on Dreamcast. The GT series just don't seem as good, and the variety of the tracks is disappointing.
But...the real killer for me is Wipeout. I have had Wipeout on Saturn, N64, PSX, PSX2. In fact I still have them all.
My missus is into TombRaider.
Posted on: 07 November 2003 by Mekon
MSR - That game has the weirdest physics than any game I have ever played. I tried so hard to like it, but the whole cheating AI, weird sliding, no jumping thing did my head in. Apparently they fixed it all in PGR on the Xbox. Did you ever try it?

I have a hacked memory card for GT3 with some great cars. How does a 4WD Demio with F1 slicks and half a million BHP that can do the 1/4 machine test in 6 seconds or a Lotus Elise with 1100bhp that can powerslide all the way around Super Speedway sound? The way GT3 handles it's cars files means that with an 1st gen PS2 and some old software from Datel, you can adjust pretty much any component of any car. Sadly Sony fixed the PS2 early on, and the software Datel had doesn't work any more, and given the fragility of the early PS2's I dount there are many of them left either. I got through 3 before I ended up with a later model that manages to not resonate/stream audio/keep the sound synced on DVDs.