Alternativ user interfaces for the naimnet

Posted by: Claus-Thoegersen on 19 February 2008


Well I have to ask this in its own thread!
Since I am blind there will for sure be no remote I will ever be able to use! the same is true for the display in any digital server NaimNet or anything else!

So the way to access digital servers and their contents is through a pc, a pda or a mobil phone all running screen reader software so I can interact with what is going on visually.

In the newest thread on Naimnet nnp2 it should be this one:

Flash is naimed as the browser addon to remotely control the server! Flash implementations are usually very bad in terms of what we call accessability but they can be programmed so they work without problems, but it is hard to test without running a screen reader. Anyway Naim has some years to make it right before I sell my new cd s3, but I would really like to see the interface even without an actual server!

My local Naim dealer non of the people employed are not into the digital side of the Naim range, but I suppose that will change before my s3 will be retired.
Posted on: 20 February 2008 by David Dever
The NetStreams KeyLinX button-based keypads can be used to control the system, if you do not wish to have the commands read to you–but it's an interesting challenge (as I'm sure many of us will have diminished eyesight into our golden years).