Puck Slip - A Doctor Writes

Posted by: Adam Meredith on 19 July 2005


Some CDs do not play.

If the problem discs spin briefly (making an unpleasant scrapping noise) and then the front panel displays "ERROR" the likely cause is a slipping puck.

At initial start up the cd needs to be brought up to reading speed for the transport to become aware that there is a disc present. If the 3 tube grips have become flattened (often as a result of being left in place on a non-playing cd overnight) they will not couple the cd to the motor hub sufficiently for it to come up to speed. This will often first occur with thinner than standard discs.

If this seems to be the case - rotate the rubber tubes in the puck through 90 degrees. This restores them to a position "proud" of the puck and they will grip thin discs. They would also benefit from a little clean with isopropyl alcohol (if you can get some) to remove any grease.

It is a good idea to own 2 pucks - rotating their use day to day.

Also try to avoid leaving the puck on a cd overnight. Eventually the rubber will become too old to get a grip. A new puck will normally sort matters out.