Using an n-Sub with the n-Vi

Posted by: AV@naim on 11 May 2007

Using an n-sub with an n-Vi

Digital modes:

to do this, run a phono to phono lead (available from naim, via your dealer) from the n-Vi subwoofer output to the n-sub input "mono in" (see section 11.6 of combined speaker manual)

this will give you sub information from:-

-DD5.1/DTS discrete tracks from the n-Vi

-if bass-mix function is utilised on a digital input, then sub information will be routed via the subwoofer also

Analogue modes (non-processed):

this configuration will take the stereo signal from an analogue source (via n-Vi inputs A1, A2 or A3) and feed to the n-sub

-utilise a 5-pin din to 2xphono lead from the n-Vi analogue output to the Aux ("CH1" and "CH2") inputs on the n-sub (see section 11.6 of combined speaker manual)

-the sub will then need to have the appropriate cut off frequency set.

-you can use the high level speaker inputs direct from your speakers, if other inputs are used.

Analogue and digital modes:

if you are using both analogue and digital sources, then you will need to set up a preset on the n-sub to accommodate for this (see 11.3.1 of combined speaker manual)

combined loudspeaker manual can be found at:-