Posted by: JonathanP on 17 September 2007

Just wondering (as we may well be going down this road) whether anyone has actually had a Naimnet system installed?
Posted on: 17 September 2007 by garyi
That ones still on the bench mate.
Posted on: 17 September 2007 by Macker
I don't think the products are released yet....

I have viewed and listened to some of the netstreams products and the music source was computer feed as well as an iPod...have not seen nor heard the Naim server products. But automation wise they are very slick...and can interface with all sorts of IP enabled products, door bells, door release locks, curtains, air conditioning, etc, etc, etc

I think if you are realy keen then you should be keeping in touch with your local Naim dealer (who may or may not be a NaimNet dealer as well) - I am sure they will be wanting to help