Is it time for a description of how Naimnet will fit with existing Naim kit?

Posted by: u5227470736789439 on 14 October 2007

Dear Friends,

I am sure that I shall appear slightly behind the times but up until this week I had little idea of the concept behind the Naimnet.

Now I understand it is a system of music storage that will supply musical feeds in digital form to one or several systems driving speakers in one or several rooms in a household - in the multi-room forms via what is called CAT cable.

What I am especially curious about is the notion of storing the contents of a reasonable sized CD library on a server [and thus the chance to hide in storage all those horrible plastic cases] and use it somewhat like a CD player straight onto an existing set. I cannot be the only one to think like this even if after a while there is the possibility of feeding many rooms with high quality music, and radio.

Would it be too early to hope for a description of how the interface between the Naimnet units and existing gramophone pieces may be achieved, so that when it comes along decisions can sensibly be made about how to proceed with planning for the future with CD replay. I am sure there will be room for stand alone CD players for sometime to come at the entry level and at the very highest possible quality of performance, but if it were possible to run a Naimnet unit which put at my disposal my whole library without the need to house it in my listening space, I would count this a massive step forward provided fine a performance level resulted. I would imagine this last is not in doubt with Naim.

How do other here feel about this? Does a real world description of the system exist yet, beyond the outline on the Naim page?

ATB from George