Download only and MP3 CD tracks.

Posted by: jcs_smith on 02 June 2008

How would I load a track that’s only available via download onto an HDX? Do I need to burn it to CD and then load it that way? Also I have a few CDs that are only available as MP3s. Is it possible to load them onto an HDX from the CD drive? If I did what would they play them as – MP3 or expanded ‘CD quality’?
Posted on: 03 June 2008 by Macker
Put it on a Flash drive and use the USB interface or an external USB hard drive, or stream it over your network from a NAS box or computer...full instructions come with an HDX, just buy it and all will be revealed...
Posted on: 03 June 2008 by gary1 (US)
JCS, see Dave Dever's post on "Nine Inch Nails" If you right click and download pics he gives a real good demo of the process.