Posted by: garyi on 08 November 2003

Well thanks to a free upgrade I now have a Sony Ericsson T something or other with bluetooth.

To celebrate its freeness I bought a blue tooth adaptor for the mac.

Amazing, it actually works. However it took some doing, I am new to this technology so thought it would simply be a case of getting near the mac and everything working.

However I have to 'pair' devices and such. With much faffing its all worked, but do I have to do that every single time, because if so plugging a USB cord in would be much quicker!

On the same vein, it asks if I want to use the blueetooth to dial up to the web, presumably through the mac. Is there not a way to use my broadband connection with the Sony so I can browse the web for 'free' accepting of course that I pay for the broadband?

On a not really related note I also got a PCI card, four port USB2 and its fitted fine. The mac can 'see' it but it don't work, no devises work through it.

As the mac can see it there I was guessing all should be fine, does anyone know what could be wrong?

Posted on: 08 November 2003 by garyi
Simply stunning!

It syncs with my calenders, addresses, everything. This is going to be far more useful than I imagined.
Posted on: 08 November 2003 by Roy T
Bluetooth is so yesterday, with this in one ear and a Babelfish in the other what more do you need?


PS. just at how useful a babelfish can be.

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Posted on: 08 November 2003 by garyi
I likes the look of talking to someone through your finger.

Mind you I think people look crazy when they talk into hands free!
Posted on: 08 November 2003 by ErikL
Garyi, did you select "Add to paired devices" on your phone when you finished the discovery, passkey, etc processes?

(I haven't paired devices since a S-E T68i about 1 year ago, so the menu options may have changed.)
Posted on: 08 November 2003 by garyi
That where I went wrong ludwig, I was trying to connect only from the mac.

By doing it from the phone its been fine, its great. I have a likkle programme to change the themes and beam it over, much fun was had by all!
Posted on: 08 November 2003 by Mekon
ok, whilst we are talking syncing, can someone clue me in as to whether it is possible to use an ad-hoc 802.11b connection between my laptop and my iPAQ to do my active syncing? If not, I'll grab a bluetooth dongle, but I don't want to.
Posted on: 08 November 2003 by matthewr
Yes you can. See here

Can anyone tell me why my iPAQ (which is a 2210 like Mekon's) will bluetooth to my phone (which is a T610 like Garyi's) to pick up the GPRS connection but I have no DNS on my iPAQ despite the same connection working perfectly (if slowly and rather pointlessly) on the phone itself.

Posted on: 08 November 2003 by Johns Naim
Glad to hear that you've got all the bluetooth stuff working Garyi. I've got a Sony-Ericsson T610, and synch via bluetooth with my Mac re calendars, contacts, appointments etc, and yes it is both clever and very useful.

Once paired, you don't have to 'redo' the process - just turn both Mac and phone on, and synch.

Also, you can directly send an SMS over bluetooth, from your Mac address book to the phone, whilst on the computer, rather than fiddling about typing in all the text on those itty bitty phone buttons. And should your phone be in the next room, with bluetooth on, (both Mac and ph) and your address book open on the Mac, when someone calls, it opens up a window on the Mac announcing the call, plus ID of the person if they're in your address book.

Very nice.

I'm looking to get the Sony-Ericsson bluetooth headset the HB35 - one of the neater features I've read about, is that you can pair it with the Mac, as well as with the phone.

Then it can work as a mic/earpiece for the Mac, for ichat/isight sessions etc!

Way to go!

Speaking from a point of bi-computerdom, MACS RULE Big Grin


Warmest Regards

John... Wink

Populist thinking exalts the simplistic and the ordinary
Posted on: 09 November 2003 by garyi
Oh John I got all exceited over that phone call on the mac thing.

Dosn't work for me, what do I need to do?

Is there a way to switch off the lights flashing on this phone, its like a becon in the night and I always use phone alarms so I don't have to rely on electric alarms.
Posted on: 09 November 2003 by garyi
In the adress book if I try to dial a number to the phone I can see dial using the phone but its greyed out?

In the bluetooth preferences pane it says the two are paired, but not connected. How do I make them connect? Its fine when I do a sync.

Posted on: 09 November 2003 by garyi
Its ok I twigged.

Mind you have to click the bluetooth button to connect seems to defeat the purpose. The address book enhancments don't work until you have pressed that button.

Posted on: 09 November 2003 by Mekon
Cheers Matthew.
Posted on: 09 November 2003 by Johns Naim
Hehheh, enjoy :-)

Yeah, one does have to push the bluetooth connect button in the address book interface.

Still, it works a treat though :-)


John... Smile

Populist thinking exalts the simplistic and the ordinary
Posted on: 10 November 2003 by paul99
I too have a T610. I use it with a cheap-and-cheerful Typhoon Bluetooth adapter with my Toshiba Satellite Laptop.

I also have a Toshiba PCMCIA Bluetooth adapter which I cannot make work because it (or rather the software which came with it) does not support any bluetooth services, just the basic connection.

I have spent several hours altogther talking with the Toshiba helpdesk about this. They do not seem to be able to understand that I have no Bluetooth services.

Does anybody else have this combination and have you been able to get it to work?