Headline & Other Headphone Amplifier connection - With Nait 5i and in general.

Posted by: Adam Meredith on 16 October 2005

The Headline is a simple device but it is easy to get the connections wrong.

You will need a power supply in addition to the Headline. In order of cost (and quality) - iSupply (H), NAPSC, FlatCap2x, HiCap & SuperCap.

The Headline is fitted with a captive lead that needs to be connected to a volume-independent output on your preamplifier/integrated. This is the Tape loop and normally handled with a DIN socket - the Headline comes with a captive lead, terminated with the correct DIN plug.

The NAIT 5i has RCA phono sockets (because we do not make a tape deck) and so - your dealer will need to snip off the DIN plug and substitute 2 x RCA phono.
The Headline 2 is now available with RCA phono plugs fitted - please specify when ordering.

For those using a FlatCap or HiCap to power the Headline - you need a SLIC lead to take power from the PS to the socket on the Headline. (Same if you use a SuperCap ....)


 To connect headphone amplifiers other than the Headline you will need to use either the RCA phono Tape output sockets (if provided) or one of the 5 pin DIN sockets with a (fixed) signal out.

Where you can go wrong here is to pick up a spare 2 x RCA phono to 5 pin DIN lead that you have been using to input a signal from a tuner or CD player which is provided with RCA phono output sockets.

 The DIN plug in this implementation will only have the signal input pins connected - so it will not pass the required fixed output signal to your headphone amplifier.


WHY DOESN'T MY HEADLINE WORK when I connect the DIN signal plug directly into the output socket on the rear of my Naim CD player?

You have sufficient information now to work this out.

There is an adapter lead that reverses pins and will allow the direct connection to a CD Player or n-Vi (via DIN output for left & right).

HPLA (Code: 03 - 003 - 0043) Interconnect Lead DIN Adaptor.