High Level (Speaker) connection of Subwoofer.

Posted by: Adam Meredith on 08 August 2005

For connection of subwoofers to amplifiers without a suitable (volume dependent) output.

If your amplifier system does not have a line level output which varies with volume (i.e. NOT a tape loop) you can still incorporate a subwoofer - providing this has a high level input.

The best way to achieve this connection is to connect at the SPEAKER end of your NACA5 speaker cables (minimum 3.5 metres, equal lengths, per side).

Consult the instructions supplied with your subwoofer - the cable used for this connection does not need to be of the same quality or gauge as the main speaker cable, twin electrical flex would be sufficient.

By connecting at the speaker end of the speaker cable you ensure that the load seen by the amplifier is as suitable as possible - being determined by the two lengths of NACA5.